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Product Description



Case Dimensions
60.3 × 57.7 × 20.2 mm



Solar Powered
Solar powered system (solar-charging system), charging system compatible with wireless chargers (requires device with Type-A USB terminal)

Water Resistance
200 meters

All Terrain
Shock-resistant; low-temperature resistance (-20°C / -4°F); mud-resistant


GPS Signal Frequency
1575.42 MHz

GPS Signal Reception
Time-calibration (auto*1, manual); acquisition of position information (manual) 1 GPS signals are received automatically when the watch recognizes they are available in the area Communication Standard Bluetooth® low energy Signal Range Up to 2 m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)

GPS Navigation
Activity logs (up to 20 logs), track display (wide area map/magnified map switching), start-to-destination direct distance, bearing to destination, destination setting from Point Memory recordings, backtrack, activity time measurement, log use status

Point Memory
Up to 60 sets of point data (time, date, longitude/latitude, altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature), point icons

Digital Compass
Measures and displays direction as one of 16 points; measuring range: 0° to 359°; measuring unit: 1°; 60 seconds continuous measurement; bidirectional calibration and magnetic declination correction; bearing memory (records and display one set of degree and direction); graphical display of north, south, east and west; auto horizontal compensation

Measuring range: 260 hPa to 1,100 hPa (7.65 inHg to 32.45 inHg); measuring unit: 1 hPa (0.05 inHg); atmospheric pressure tendency graph (past 48 hours graph display); atmospheric pressure tendency alarm (arrow indicates significant pressure changes)

Measuring range: -700 m to 10,000 m (-2,300 ft. to 32,800 ft.); measuring unit: 1 m (5 ft.); relative altitude readings (-3,000 m to 3,000 m); altitude tendency graph

Other Functions

Measuring range: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F); measuring unit: 0.1°C (0.2°F)

World Time
39 cities (39 time zones*2, daylight saving on/off) and Coordinated Universal Time; auto summer time (DST) switching 2 May be updated when connected to a smartphone

1 second; measuring capacity: 999:59’59; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time

Countdown Timer
Measuring unit: 1 second (maximum 24 hours) 4 daily alarms (with snooze alarm)

Mobile Link
Mobile Link functions (world time: over 300 cities, auto time adjustment, One-Touch Time Adjustment, easy watch setting, phone finder, route setting and log data management in GPS navigation, tide graph, moon data); day and date display; full auto-calendar; auto LED backlight with afterglow: 1.5/3.0 seconds; battery level indicator; 12/24-hour format; airplane mode; button operation tone on/off; sunrise/sunset time display

Continuous Operation
NORMAL (Intermittent reception): Approx. 33 hours HIGH RATE (Continuous reception): Approx. 20 hours Approx. two months more for non-GPS functions Without GPS use About 29 months with the power-saving function*3 ON after full charge 3 Power-saving after a certain period in a dark locati



Brand History

With over 100 million sold, the G-shock has become arguably the most recognizable and ubiquitous watch of all time. Despite this watch’s generally affordable price tag, the g-shock is arguably a byproduct of one of the greatest engineering feats in watchmaking history. Since its conception in 1981, the watch has become a trusted companion for men and women across the globe, ready to withstand the most taxing conditions.


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