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Basic Watch Tool Kit


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Basic Watch Tool Kit

Product Description

Black leatherette zipper case holds 26 tools for battery replacement and watch band sizing. Items included in this kit: Case opener knife for snapbacks Jaxa screw back case opener Scratch brush for cleaning Silicone grease for case gaskets Plastic battery tweezer Buff stick for pressing in batteries Band holder verticle for sizing bands Hammer 1 oz. Band pin punch set 0.80mm and 1.00mm Pin pusher for band spring bars Flat nose plier 4-1/2” to pull pins Loupe 3X Three screwdrivers: 1.00mm, 1.40mm, & 2.00mm Cleaning cloth 12” x 12” Spring bar tool 100 assorted spring bars Brass tweezer #3 Stainless tweezer #3 Stainless tweezer #5 Pin vise four jaw Hand installing tool Hand remover Bergeon & Cie is a Swiss-based manufacturer of watchmaking tools that have roots back to 1791. In their storied history, they have developed a line of watchmaking products that are built to last like the products that they are designed to be worked on. They have developed a reputation as an industry leader among both master watchmakers and watch enthusiasts across the globe.


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