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20 min read·July 20, 2020

Test Article

The concept of minimalism has become an attractive idea in our modern world of excess.  The term has elevated to a point where it embodies a lifestyle where one draws a bold line on what is deemed necessary. Yet with the rise in adoption of anything, the term starts to get thrown around loosely. In the case of being minimalist, we have often seen the word be used to describe the absence of thought just as much as we see it being used in a more proper sense.  One of the areas where this idea is best exemplified is through the world of industrial design and watches. Watches, despite not being the same level of necessary tools as they once were, are objects that still have a function. When combining the idea of function with the element of design, that is when the real idea of minimalism for me is achieved; minimalism is not having less for the sake of having less, but instead, understanding the power having less can hold in improving function.

Timex Marlin Hand Wound

Reference: TW2R47900ZV
Specifications: Price: $199, Case Size: 34 mm, Thickness: 10.5 mm, Lug Width: 18 mm, Lug-to-Lug: 41 mm, Water Resistance: 30 m, Movement: Manual, Crystal: Acrylic
Description: The Timex Marlin is a piece that embodies the 1960s unlike any other affordable watch out there. Since the release of the Timex Marlin mechanical a few years back, it has helped me to look at Timex in a new and perhaps their original light of constructing nicely designed watches at affordable prices. With its Arabic numerals, sword style handset, and retro looks, this is a great option for those looking to delve into both the world of mechanicals while delivering a tasteful design in the process.